Women Leadership Program

The Women leadership program plays a key role in companies across the world in helping make workplaces more supportive for women and in general build a diverse workforce. 

What place do they have in India?

Women in India have traditionally been placed on a pedestal, accorded traditional roles with a lot of societal and familial responsibilities and “protected” by men. Despite all this, we’ve had remarkable women breaking through barriers and becoming great influencers and contributors to the society.

In recent decades, as the whole world has become a more open place, women in India are able to break or change the expectations from them and become strong and powerful individuals.

However, the numbers shows that there’s a long way to go before India becomes an exemplar for women in the workplaces.

According to Catalyst Report,

Population: The gender gap starts at birth. For every 100 boys born nationally, 93 girls are born.

  • Women constitute 48.1% of the population
  • In 2018, there were 49,392,654 fewer women than men across India.

Education: Women Are Closing the Higher Education Gap

Among graduates in 2018-2019, women represented:

  • Undergraduate degrees: 53%
  • Degrees: 69.6%
  • PhDs: 41.8%

Labor Force: The Labor Force Participation Rate for Women Is Declining

Despite rapid economic growth, and relatively higher numbers in education, less than a quarter (23.6%) of women aged 15 and above participated in the labor force in 2018 (compared to 78.6% of men).

India’s low labor force participation rate for women is due in part to an increase in women continuing their education, the availability of flexible scheduling and the proximity of work locations.

  • Rural women are leaving India’s workforce at a faster rate than urban women.
  • Young women are moving into non-traditional professional jobs, for example in communications.

However, in 2018 only 26% of surveyed companies had hired women in the top-five job roles in the past five years.

Increasing women’s labor force participation by 10 percentage points could add $770 billion to India’s GDP by 2025. 

Reaching gender parity would have a bigger impact in India than in any other region in the world.

India’s youthful demographic will add 234 million workers to the labor force by 2027.

LEADERSHIP: The Pipeline for Women Starts Small and Continues to Shrink

Of India’s 158 largest companies:

  • Women hold only 15% of the board seats.
  • Only 6% of board chairs are women.
Diversity and Business Results:
Women Leadership Program

According to Forbes report, the Gender diverse team makes better results, 73% of the times as against an All-Male team rate of 58%.

And, this is why a huge opportunity exists for companies to provide women’s leadership program across different stages of career and increase their business performance overall.

Research also shows that women, irrespective of the geographies they grow up in, are affected by stereotyped gender based expectations and these play a large role in women holding themselves back or behaving with self-limiting beliefs a lot more than men. So, even if a company environment provides equal opportunities, it is highly likely that women will either not take those opportunities or will not exhibit leadership behaviours that make them perceive to be suitable for taking these up.

If women do grow and take on larger roles, in parallel their personal lives evolving with new roles as spouse/parent, etc., women often feel pulled in multiple different directions at the same time.

Dealing with this and balancing all aspects is a very personal journey, more pronounced in case of women with ambition and drive – and the key is to master the delicate walking a winding thin line to avoid burnout and find fulfilment overall. Research also shows that women feel more lonely at work, especially as they grow thru the hierarchies at work, with less and less women breaking thru each level of corporate ladders.

All this leads to working women feeling stressed at most times, most places and most situations be at home or work or social circles.

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