Women tend to grow up with certain ways of thinking and behaviours that become self-imposed impediments for their career growth.
Research shows there are 12 very common behaviours that hold women back (Ref). This one-day experiential program expands on what these 12 are, how to recognize them in oneself and others and how to overcome and/or deal with them at workplaces.

Women Leadership Program

Target Audience

Early-Mid-career women with 5-12 years experience


In Person: 1 day or 2 half days


Gowri S Ramani, whose learnings based on personal journey, makes her a powerful enabler for new generation of women (www.linkedin.com/in/gowrisramani)


1.Recognition of behaviours in self and others
2.Overcoming and managing such behaviours in self and others
3.Better equipped to take charge of career, have a more fulfilling life


  • Introduction
  • What defines a successful woman?
  • Exercise – questionnaire of common behaviours – which one relates to you most and which one you disagree with
  • Claim Your Success – Theme 1

1.Claim your achievements – H1
2.Don’t expect others to notice and reward you spontaneously – H2
3.Building rather than leveraging relationships – H4

  • Be Good Enough & Build A Great Career – Theme 2

1.Overvaluing expertise – H3
2.Job or Career? – H6
3.Perfectionism or Good Enough? – H7
4.Please Everyone? – H8

  • Too Little or Too Much? – Theme 3

1.Enlist allies from day 1 – H5
2.Minimizing your contribution – H9
3.Too much emotions – H10

  • Maintaining Laser Focus – Theme 4

1.Ruminating – H11
2.Letting your radar distract you – H12


How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith