Benefits of partnering with Personal Coach

5 Outcomes From Partnering With A Personal Coach

Benefits of Partnering with personal Coach

Executive coaching or leadership coaching is a growing field in India, though it is quite common in the Western world.

A lot of mid-senior leaders hesitate to consider engaging a coach for several reasons, some cultural and some due to lack of information and understanding.

So, why should you consider engaging with an effective executive coach and what should you expect as outcomes and Benefits of Personal coaching for yourself, your colleagues and you families – Yes, as we all know, whether we like it or not, for most of us, how we feel after a work day impacts our families and loved ones!

I’m outlining the top 5 tangible results you can expect from a coaching partnership with the right coach:

1.    Know Yourself Better: To relate to others better, we have to know ourselves well – including what perceptions we have about ourselves and how others see us, our beliefs and biases, what triggers our unwanted behaviors, behaviors we want to continue with and other self-limiting internal conversations inhibit us from being the best we can be! A coach holds a mirror and acts as an objective witness who makes it easier for you to identify your real strengths, blind spots and triggers that end up controlling us subconsciously.

2.    Know Others Better: As you work with a skilled coach, peeling off the biases and beliefs through which we assess and judge others we interact with, our understanding of others in our professional and personal circles becomes more objective and less judgmental. A good coach will also help you focus on the strengths of others so that you can lead and get the best out of individuals you work and collaborate with.

3.    Learn to Manage Our Reactions Better: so that we respond and not react to the triggers in our environment. Marshall Goldsmith’s recent book Triggers he talks about triggers that we react to in ways that we’d not like to, and triggers that stop us from getting better through behavioral change that is needed as we grow and take on different and tougher challenges at work. An insightful coach will help you discover these triggers and recognize when they occur in our day to day interactions and manage your response better!

4.    Know and Leverage Your Strengths Better: A lot of us are our own worst critics and we don’t celebrate our strengths and accomplishments enough. E.g., a leader who can see pitfalls and potential risks earlier than others can sometimes be seen as someone with a negative approach rather than seeing it as a strength – and over time the leader can herself begin to believe it and hold herself back from contributing. A good coach can help you discover, acknowledge and be able to use your strengths in a positive manner.

5.    Achieve Your True Potential and Get the Results You Want: An effective coach can be an objective, neutral partner who has no personal agenda other than making you successful. The coach can be more honest than your employees, friends and families and challenge you to deal with actions and beliefs that hold you back and make you see yourself, your environment and triggers that impact your effectiveness. The coach can support you to find the right goals and stay disciplined and focused to achieve the goals.

Effective coaches also help lay out a personalized action plan customized to your specific requirements and monitor your progress. They also help you stay focused and steer you back towards your goals.

Trying anything new can be scary and hard to sustain discipline throughout the process. However, if you have the courage and commitment to evolve and grow, a coaching partnership with the Personal Coach can be one of the best things to achieve your goals and become who you are meant to be!