Corporate Coaching

Leadership development in companies takes many forms – be it training, workshops, sending executives to formal programs in Universities etc. However, one of the forms that is picking up is individualized leadership development through Corporate Coaching and Executive Coaching in India.

Corporate Coaching in Today’s World:

corporate coaching

Executive coaching as a means of leadership development focuses on the oft-ignored behavioural competencies that are critical for sustained and wholesome success of senior leaders and companies. Leadership behaviours are not routinely taught in business schools too and while there are training and workshops to acquire knowledge associated with managing and growing business enterprises, managing self especially is assumed to something leaders are somehow expected to be experts at naturally.

Globally, research shows that Executive coaching returns an ROI of $7.9 per one Dollar invested.

Corporate coaching involves companies to engage professionally certified leadership coaches to partner with their senior leaders, individually and/or as a team, to enable achievement of specific and significant business results.

The VUCA world offers continuous and ongoing complex challenges to corporate leaders. The need for speed and growth in the ever changing world, operating in a global environment with different work cultures and time zones, coupled with the innately competitive environments at work, lead to stress and burnout for its leaders. As leaders grow in corporate hierarchies, the capabilities and behaviours that helped them grow, no longer serve them well in their new roles with expanded and complex expectations.

Lumen’s Corporate Coaching, founded by a former senior corporate leader, Gowri S Ramani, offers coaching to mature corporate leaders using a unique methodology which is based on world class coaching methods and tools, along with hands on business management experience. Our corporate coaching is a blend of world-renowned Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching, International Coaching Federations Coaching Competencies, Dr. David Drake’s Narrative Coaching and MHC’s EQI2.0 based emotional intelligence framework. Herself an MBA from one of the top 10 management institutes, ISB (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad), Gowri combines these methods and tools with her CXO level global experience in top technology companies around the globe. 

At Lumen, we offer a bouquet of services for companies – for both for-profit and not-for-profit entities, including startups.   These include:

  • Executive coaching for senior leaders – helping successful leaders become more wholesome leaders and provide a safe space along with a trusted partner to explore, reflect and gain inspiration for further growth and accomplishments in their career and life holistically.
  • Group and individualized corporate coaching for middle managers – to build on their strengths, discover their blind spots, overcome areas for improvement to become the successful leaders they were meant to be.
  • Transition coaching for technical stars – to become broad based leaders capable of having a more powerful impact across the company taking on management roles.
  • Leadership development for young women – help develop confidence, overcome common behaviours that hold them back and blossom into fully accomplished leaders, in control of their career and life! 

A customized offering with a suitable combination of above offerings is worked out, in partnership with your key stakeholders, to suit the needs of your company.

Talk to us to explore how we can help you get empowered to be the best you!!